• June 16, 2018 at 7pm
  • Effingham Performance Center
  • Effingham, IL


With such success, it would have been easy to bask in the glow of the spotlight. "But it really wasn't about us," says Eddie Carswell. "It was pretty amazing to see how God orchestrated it all, and it took us completely by surprise.

Billy Goodman explains the group's faith attitude, "The commitment that we made was, 'God, we'll do this as long as Your hand is on it, as long as we see You working.'" He went on to say "God is faithful even when things look impossible."

Besides having a touring ministry they have also started their Jam event tours where many top name Christian Artists come together for evening concerts at a price that is affordable.

"I think what keeps us going is not necessarily the fun we have with the music, but it's that time at the end of the evening when we see people respond," Goodwin explains. "It's like a shot of adrenaline. It's amazing to see God use what little bit we're doing to reach people. That's really our motivation."

"We still love what we're doing and it's always incredible to hear how God has used our music to touch someone's life," Carswell concludes. "God's the one orchestrating this whole thing, and he's blessed us more and more as the years have gone by. It's a remarkable thing to see how it all works out, and we'll just keep riding the waves to see what God wants to do next."


When you ask the guys in Unspoken what it is that their audiences most connect with, they’ll bring it down to a single word. It’s a word that doesn’t have much to do with the unapologetically soulful pop sound they’ve built of skilled musicianship, adventurous production and complex vocal harmonies. It isn’t a quality that’s anchored in the success of their first Centricity Music album which sold more than 100,000 physical copies and spawned four top ten singles and a number one as well. The strong bond that seems to turn Unspoken listeners into fans as it turns out, isn’t primarily about the music at all.Instead it’s about their willingness to take the stage together night after night and to put their hearts and lives on display with a raw and engaging honesty. In a word, the band says, the connection is about transparency.

“People just relate better to somebody who has been broken and redeemed,” Mike Gomez notes, “than to someone who pretends to have it all together. What we say from the stage and what we say in our songs, they’re not stories from somebody we heard about. Our songs are written out of places we’ve been and places we are.”


Citizen Way, formerly known as The Least of These, is a contemporary Christian music and Christian rock band from Elgin, Illinois. The band is composed of David Blascoe, Ben Calhoun and Daniel Olsson.

What’s the 2.0 version of Citizen Way? That’s the question lead singer and songwriter Ben Calhoun found himself fielding after the band’s debut album Love is the Evidence gained them a devoted following and produced radio hits like “How Sweet The Sound” and “Should’ve Been Me.”

The 2.0 version is an 11-track record sporting pop-rock influences, infectious lyrics and a creatively ambitious new sound from the trio. 2.0 sees the band pushing their artistic boundaries with songs like the funk-inspired “Bulletproof” and the soulful, stripped down ballad “I Will.” It also carries with it a decided level of maturity and vulnerability.

The group prays their latest offering can meet people where they are, offering encouragement, uplifting their spirit and reminding them of the power of God’s promise. “My goal is always to put a hook around God’s word and let people sing it,” Calhoun says. “I want people to fall in love with Jesus. If they come singing ‘Bulletproof’ or ‘I Will,’ then great. I just want them to know that the word of Jesus is something worth following and I’m going to spend my life and my energy on it because I believe in it that much.”